Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let the Challenge Begin!

So here it is, 10 days until the LiveSTRONG Challenge, and the real challenge is officially out there. I stated earlier that this year's Team Fish or Cut Bait Challenge was more about the people than the dollars. Therefore, the first Challenge will be about people.

Last year, Team Fish took 52 people with us to Philadelpia. Right now, we stand at 14 people. At 26 Team Fish members, I will once again depilitate the Wookie, which, in layperson's terms, means I'll shave my legs. At 53 people, I up it and shave the head. This year, I will go all the way down to zero clippers. I've seen zero clippers on my boss' head. Zero clippers are tight. But, I'll do it, complete with pictures, if we get Team Fish to 53 people.

So, what do you say? Do you have it in you, Team Fish? If you do, CLICK HERE and join us.

And, a HUGE thanks to those of you who have already signed on too Team Fish--We are so proud to be riding with you!

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