Friday, August 21, 2009

Do'ers Profile: Meet Li'l Fish!

I have known Li'l Fish her entire life. God occasionally blesses us far beyond what we have earned or deserved. My daughter is the best example I can give of this. It's one of the reasons I formed Team Fish. I wanted to live to see the important things in life, like my daughter graduating from high school...and graduate school...and getting married...and having that order! She is the light of my life.

Home: The small town of Enola

Age: 11...AND A HALF!!!

Profession: I am a student

Hobby: Skateboarding with Murphy

Last Book Read: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Last Accomplishment: Had Murphy sleep in until 8 am. It was amazing.

Quote: "Is that necessary?"

Profile: Peace-loving, tea-drinking girl

Why You Support Team Fish: My Daddy - DUH!

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