Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kurt BUTNZ! Johnson

BUTNZ! Where would Team Fish be without BUTNZ? Three years ago when I got this harebrained idea to start a Team Fish to ride against cancer, this guy contacted me from Roadbike Review. He said he wished he could ride with me, but he is in Colorado so that was out. But, he makes BUTNZ and people love them and I could use them to commemorate the event. I could give them out to donors. I could give them out to riders on the Challenge. I could pass them to volunteers as a thank you. So Kurt made up a boatload of BUTNZ and sent them to me. For free. Because that's the kind of guy he is. I was blown away by his generosity, but also by the intense professionalism he brought to the effort, then and now. If you're looking for something cool to commemorate a special event, I can't recommend BUTNZ and Kurt's work enough. The proof is in the smiles of every person who gets one. Here he is on a ride with the Mrs. at an altitude that would probably kill you and me. And, they're smiling.
Home: As little as possible. Usually out riding in the summer or skiing in the winter with my wife and daughter. If not that, I'm probably at work, possibly working
Age: AARP is warming up the presses.
Profession: Butnz maker extraordinaire (along with being a corporate grunt)
Hobby: Riding, skiing and being a father and husband.
Last Book Read: Lily's Pesky Plant - hey, I have a kid.
Last Accomplishment: Eating lunch without getting any on my shirt.
Profile: A little chubby from the side
Why You Support Team Fish or Cut Bait: He's one of the nicest guys I've never met.

Join Kurt on Team Fish (and get a BUTNZ!) by CLICKING HERE!

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