Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Ride

It was just too beautiful not to get out for a little ride, and with freezing temperatures and more snow on tap for this week, I felt a bit of urgency. Luckily, my buddy Brad was up for it, so we headed out. There was a lot of cinders and salt on the road, but some careful riding led to some really nice lines.

At one point, I did hit a wash and felt the back end slip out quite a bit. I remembered to keep nice, even pressure on the throttle and the bike just caught right in and finished the turn. It was just a little disconcerting, until I realized the bike did exactly what it was supposed to do because I did exactly what I was supposed to do.

Brad picked up a new hi-viz vest and had the opportunity to check it out in some bright sunshine. I think it looks great, and in the battle of see and be seen, this one should serve him well.