Sunday, January 22, 2017

Uncovered Ride - Look What I Found

I was going through some pictures from last year and found these snaps from a ride I took at the end of Fall. It was a great ride, but then they all are.
I took an old bicycling route down through Boiling Springs, PA, one of my favorite places in the state of Pennsylvania.

Boiling Springs is a charming town with a great restaurant, coffee shop, duck pond, and fly fishing shop, set on a naturally spring-fed lake. It holds trout and ducks, and is nice place to just walk around.

I rode down to Michaux State Forest, outside of Mt. Holly Springs, PA.

I found some dirt roads and decided to check them out. FUN!

There is so much beauty in this state.

I AM smiling!

Winter Riding

Twenty-five degrees for one hour might be the limit of my endurance for cold weather riding. I enjoyed how crisp and clear everything was, but unfortunately came back to fork seal fluid all over my front tire and left boot. Before I bought the bike, it sat for three and a half years, getting only 1800 miles of use. I am guessing that sort of thing tends to dry out parts that should be more elastic.

I ended up needing pretty much every jacket in the packet.