Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do'ers Profile: Brad "Q" and Yvonne Smith

Brad and I have been friends for many years. Occasionally you get the opportunity to meet someone you've "met" on the intarwebz with the relative assurance that you won't end up being transported across the border in the trunk of a car to some third-world country. So it was with Brad, whom I met at a JP Fitness event several years ago after conversing through the net. Brad is committed to his family and to a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong love of learning. I liked him immediately and we have conversed regularly since then. The picture to the right is of Brad and his lovely bride Yvonne as they recently renewed their vows in front of their children. Yvonne has been battling cancer and just finished a second round of chemo. I know a lot of you who read this blog are in the habit of serious prayer, so remembering her would be very much apppreciated.

Home: San Marcos, Texas
Age: 55
Profession: University Landscape Guy and Horticulture Instructor
Hobby: Swimming, plant stuff
Last Book Read: I tend to jump around a lot in reference books but I'm reading The Talent Code now.
Last Accomplishment: Swam 1.5 miles two days ago and am looking at open water swims
Why You Support Team Fish or Cut Bait: FISH is DA MAN!... and to KICK CANCER'S ASS!

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