Friday, September 29, 2006

Turned Himself In...

The guy turned himself in after seeing a newspaper report that basically left nothing to the imagination with regard to what the police were looking for. The truck was exactly as I described it, and he drives that route to work every day. He said he was turning himself in because he "didn't know he hit a person" (Note: that screaming you hear might be an indication, Tom Druce. You might also notice the cars stopping behind you, people getting out of those cars, the bloody guy on the lawn...or, you could just gun your engine and take off, because it was a "sign") and saw the report, figuring "it was just a matter of time before they caught him."

It's been hard to shut it off.


bob redding said...

I can't believe that it is Friday and I didn't know anything about this!!
Brothers what is up with that!! Man I gotta check every 30 minutes or so on you fish. Maybe your actually a "Truman" sure is interesting enough!
Keep pushing against that bubble because only a "count it all good" kinda guy would hold up so well.

Dawg said...

I'm telling ya, the guy had to be drunk or on drugs for him not to have stopped.

eric oliver said...

That is the best news of the day.

I've never hit anyone on a bike so I don't really know how perceptible the impact would be, but I cannot believe he didn't hear the impact.

I hope he loses his license to kill for a while. Being a pedestrian may help convert him into a cyclist. If that happy conversion should take place, I merely hope he doesn't meet someone following in his footsteps (tiretracks?).

FishrCutB8 said...

I never even considered that. He might actually end up commuting to work.

And he heard or felt the impact because he STOPPED. THEN, he took off, becuase that's the natural instinct when you hit something, but your convinced you "didn't hit a person."

Anonymous said...

Geeeeeze, Rob; everytime (lately)that I check in, something gawdawful has happened; again. I think you could become the star of those OLD Saturday movie serials:
The Perils of Rob!

Larry (el jay)