Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mondays Totals, and an Update...

Mondays Totals
Doctors seen: 2
Nurses/EMTs seen: 8
X-ray techs seen: 2
X-rays/scans: 12+
Needles taken: 4
Hospital facilities visited: 3

I am feeling a little better today. I am stiff as a board, and my left leg hurts when I walk, but I CAN walk. Nothing broken, nothing strained, nothing sprained. I was concerned about my knee initially, just because I have had surgery on it twice. It is actually the sturdiest part of my leg.

My shoulder looks like it was sandblasted, and my forearm looks like a raw hamburger. My left thigh has a huge road raspberry on it as well, and my thihg is hurting, presumably from where the bumper hit me. My back also has some scratches and bruises on it. Showering was a bear this morning--water and road rash are a terrible combination...

No report on the driver, yet. The police staked out the accident site yesterday to see if he came back. It may have been a 91-92 Chevy S-10, because he lost a hubcap at the site, which the police were able to I.D. Time will tell.

I'm not even angry the guy hit me. Accidents happen all the time, and I'm fairly convinced that's what this was. At 6.30, the sun was fairly low and could have created significant glare at the scene. What galls me to no end is that he left me there.

I am getting around okay now, if a little stiffly. I'm going to try to pick up my bike this afternoon. I'm pretty convinced it's going to be totalled, but again, we'll see.


Vern Hyndman said...


My brother, I am coming over with some lacquer thinner. Now I know talking about lacquer thinner in the presence of open wounds might cause a lesser man to wince... but I honestly think it's necessary.

SOMEONE has gotta scrub that bullseye off your back before you get yourself killed.

Until I get there, please stay away from sharp objects, carcinogens, bad beer, angry sports fans and pickup drivers with poor eyesight and no conscience.

You have inspired me to create the "Rob Duffield Body Armor"... now this ain't your mammas body armor... this is the real stuff. The physical part is made primarily of Kevlar, reinforced in some critical areas with lead lined titanium. The microphone integrated just above the adam’s apple awaits the recital of the passage in Ephesians 6, just to make sure you’ve done the spiritual part. It has an integrated defibrillator, which serves the dual purpose of cardioversion as well as providing an alternative when a Starbuck’s is not immediately available. It’s solar powered, so any activity outside can be validated as ‘charging up the suit’. It can be charged for an entire year by a single bolt of lightning, but we’re waiting for you to try this feature out, as us more mortal men don’t have the cujones to try.


FishrCutB8 said...

Sign me up...for TWO of those...