Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tell Me Why, I Don’t like Mondays…Part 3

One of the things I have missed the most since being diagnosed with cancer is riding my bicycle. I am used to putting in 100+ miles per week, pretty much year round, and this time of year is my favorite. The cooler weather makes it ideal, and I thought today would be a beautiful day to get out and ride. My wife wanted me to go to the mall with her and my daughter, and ride the trainer tonight, but I said no. I wanted to get out and feel the fresh air on my face. And besides, this was my first ride in more than a month, since the orchiectomy, the cancer diagnosis, the recovery, and everything that went with it. I finally felt comfortable enough to ride.

I took off, feeling pretty good. Hills were tougher, and I could feel where my fitness had waned, but all-in-all, I felt really strong, if for no other reason than I was out on my bike. I decided to take a local loop I do, which is a little less than twenty miles and not very hilly, feeling it would be a easy one to complete. Just enough to get out and stretch the legs, really (non-bikers are always amazed at statements like these, but 20 miles really is a “warmup-and-get-your-legs-under-you” type of ride for many riders, especially those that average 40+ miles per ride).

I was riding and starting to feel my rhythm when I felt this surge from behind me, lifting me up and off the bike…there was an intense cracking sound, metal on metal, metal on plastic…I felt a huge pain in my left calf…I was flying through the air…I yelled really loud…then I hit the pavement on my left side…had a split second of clarity and sprung to the grass on my right side…and came to a stop.

I had been hit by a pickup truck. The driver came to a semi-stop, ostensibly realized what he had done, then took off. I lay on the side of the road, afraid to writhe, in considerable pain.

The driver behind the truck stopped and called 9-1-1, and the driver two cars back was an EMT named Mike. He jumped up to me and started asking me questions which allowed him to ascertain my condition and made me think about the questions instead of the situation, both of which were good things. I get the sense he knew what he was doing on both counts.

The ambulance arrived (note: not the Wahmbulance—if you get hit by a car and you’re on a bike, it’s not whining), and Joe and Matt hopped out. They asked me the same questions Mike asked, and presumably compared notes to make sure my knowledge of arcane subjects like my name, date of birth, age and the month of the year all matched up. They put me in one of those neck collars, as a precaution, and put me on a backboard.

They loaded me into the ambulance and asked me what hospital I preferred. I was unsure of the extent of my injuries. I was fairly certain nothing was broken, in spite of considerable pain, but didn’t know about internally. Nothing felt wrong, even when they pressed on my spine, belly and skull. Still, in a moment of clarity, I picked the one closer to home, in case I had to stay overnight and my wife need to make hospital runs.

They got me there quickly enough, but I felt every bump in the highway…and there were a lot. At this point I began doing my own assessment of just how bad it was. I felt a really deep bruise into my left calf, I was sure I had road rash underneath my shorts on my left side. I felt wet on my arm, so I was pretty certain the road rash there was pretty significant, and bleeding. And then I was off to the hospital…

The Funny
So I’m laying by the side of the road, just been run over by a truck, presumably covered in more than a little blood and one of the EMTs asked me if I had any other present medical conditions.
“Yeah, I have cancer.”
“Are you kidding me?” he asked.


Lieutenant Dan said...

"The Funny
So I’m laying by the side of the road, just been run over by a truck, presumably covered in more than a little blood and one of the EMTs asked me if I had any other present medical conditions.
“Yeah, I have cancer.”
“Are you kidding me?” he asked.

DUDE - That is hysterical !!!! You are my hero !

Robin in AZ said...

I just read your thread on BT...you have a great spirit. Sorry about being hit by the truck, for the life of me I do not understand people who would leave someone on the side of the road

eric oliver said...

The upside? You just had a baseline CT scan so they should have no problem identifying anything that was knocked out of place...

Dude, you need to go buy a lottery ticket--you luck has to improve soon.

hardrox said...

Damn,Fish!! That is quite a day. Too bad no one chased down that pick-up truck. I hope your injuries are only surficial. Keep us posted...but please, no pictures. ;-D

Bob Devlin said...

Do you always do everything with such flair? That sucks about the accident. I hope the injuries aren't serious.

FishrCutB8 said...

So far, so good. Nothing broken, and aside from stiffness, soreness and a desire to not shower (water and road rash are a BAD combination), I am in good shape.

Robin: "Sorry about being hit by the truck..."
....that reminded me of the scene in Better Off Dead where John Cusack says, "Gee Ralphie, sorry your mom blew up."

I am treating this like all other challenges; just one more thing to face and overcome.

E--had a double whammy because I have the CT scan and the complete bone scan. If anyting moved, I'll know it.

Redlefty said...

I'm picturing you on the side of the road and can only think, as usual, of a movie quote:

"Now that's a real shame when folks be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy like that."

Glad you're OK, brother!

Ogedei said...

I assume you know this already but..


Aoife said...

Boy do I hope someone got the plate...

But, it was kinda funny... in a weird sort of way.

I agree on the lottery ticket thing.
...except, with your luck, the place would get held up just as you went in....

FishrCutB8 said...

Sadly, you're probably right...