Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good News

I met with Doctor Wenger yesterday and he confirmed what we had expected. There is NO METASTASIS (cancer-speak for spreading to other organs and areas of the body), NO INFECTION OF THE LYMPH NODES, and the type of cancer I had was PURE SEMINOMA (the good kind, which is treatable by radiation, meaning I don't have to go through chemotherapy and all that really terrible stuff.

The nurse asked me when I had my orchiectomy. When I told her, she was amazed at how well I was getting around. There is no hitch in my giddy-up, so she was impressed. Cool.

The Funny
Along with my Left Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy (note: I like the TCRC page better, but it was down as of this writing), I also had a vasectomy. Today my daughter saw the specimen cup that I need to bring back in two months to make sure I am complete (or is that incomplete?) make sure the vasectomy was done right.
She picks it up and says, "What's this, Daddy?"
"I have to use it to take a test to make sure I'm still healthy," I replied.
"Oh. So I can't use it to catch bugs?"
"No, honey. But we can use a different container."

Next Steps
I go to see the radiation oncologist on Friday, the regular oncologist on Monday the 25th and to get a second opinion, possibly, on the Thursday the 28th. Then, we develop a radiation plan, which will, in all probability, last 4-6 weeks.


Kathy said...

Good is God! Tonight will be praise prayers for all that our Lord is doing in your life.

Billium said...


Love the story about your daughter and the cup. If you have a down day, I say take that cup and the two of you go catch bugs! Let the lab tech sort out what's from you and what's from the caterpillar.

Redlefty said...


"Well, Rob... the sperm count is down to zero as hoped. But Righty seems to be producing antennae?"

hardrox said...

Great news, Fish!!! Glad to hear it was confined to Lefty.

FishrCutB8 said...

I would, but I'd feel soooo sorry for the caterpillar. Poor little guy. That, or they would have to open me up to see what's in my cocoon...neither of these really sound like good alternatives.

eric oliver said...

Umfundisi, I have searched earnestly for an appropriate tribute to honor your struggles. It seems proper that you should be given a new name as you have passed from your former life and been reborn into the world of cancer survivors. The moniker ‘Red Lefty’ having been ruled out, I've lingered for hours, mulling over an appropriate soubriquet. Until now, I had found naught--save one name, which seemed far too uncouth for a blog of such great refinement and culture.
At the same time I was forced to contemplate your specimen cup, I was forced to re-think this blog’s bounds of taste. In light of the new, shall we say, slightly looser, standards, I humbly bestow on you the single name which seemed to befit this solemn occasion. I dub thee Odd-Ball. Thus it is written, thus it shall be.

FishrCutB8 said...


FWIW, Joanie went with Ball Boy...