Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Child of God...

One of the things about the schools in Белыничи, Беларусь (Belinichi, Belarus), just like here, is that eventually, the children graduate. Some go to technical school (learning how to paint walls, make dolls, or the like), some are simply turned out, and others are not so fortunate. Such is the story of Таня (Tanya), a little girl who found the heart of one of our team members, Tink, about three years ago.

To hear Tink tell it, she didn’t know if Таня was a boy or a girl when they first met. She was wearing her clothes and had her hair cut in such a way that left the question unanaswered. After spending time with Tink, she began to blossom into a wonderful young girl, and came out of a deep hole. Таня grew each time Tink and the team went back to see her. They are now so close, she calls Tink Mama, and Таня has become her daughter in Беларусь.

Last year, she graduated. She was sent to an asylum, because her “test scores” showed she was mentally deficient. In Беларусь, the asylums are a portrait of hell, something out of Dickens. It is where the worst of the worst go, and they are all lumped in together. When we went to the orphanage this year, and Tink got the news, I could hear and feel her heart breaking. She went to visit Таня and her fears about the type of place she was in were confirmed. She begged Николай (Nikolai, director of the orphanage in , who knows Таня, to make a plea on her behalf, but alas in Беларусь, it is complicated, and that is all…

…only this time, it is not all. Tink continued to wrote to Николай and also wrote to Pastor Mike at the church in Кричев (Krichev) about the situation. This is what Pastor Mike and the church wrote back:

Tink, hello!
We are glad to receive letter from you.
Tink, please, not apologize! We understand all your works and busy, because we work much too.
Tink, history about these Belarusian young women live in our hearts. And we sincerely want help this soul, because she is priceless in eyes of LORD!
Tink, please, write for us her full of name. We will try to visit these young women and take part in her life in a way. We sincerely want to help her.
If Tanya agrees and she will have possibility to come in Krichev, we can help her with home. And she will can visit our church. God can help this young woman.
Let life these woman will be good and spirit.
Tink, we will call in Belinichi and will speak with Nicolaj.
We try to have visit to these woman.
We have good days. Let God bless you.
Tink, please, give for us all news about Jon! And E-mail.
Let God bless America, your family, your church, and all people, who love Jesus!
Krichev church

Then, members of the church in Кричев made the trip to the asylum. After visitng Таня, Pastor Mike and the church wrote this:

Tink, hello!
We have very good news for you!
After my letter for you pastor Michail organized trip to Tanya.
My brother Volodya-driver, pastor Michail and I go to Tanya. We met with Tanya, her friends and 3 hospital nurses and doctor.
Yes, TInk, Tanya is very shy and quiet girl. But Nicolay from Belinichi said that Tanya is aggressive and not predictive girl. But we see quiet and good girl. One, Tanya needs in Mama’s love!
Tanya is girl, who is in corner and not can do her life.
Tink, yes, this place is very, very bad. She has very horrible! Tanya cry and say that she want to be free.
Tink, we think that Tanya gets into trouble. And we must to help her some way.
I speak with nurse and I know that we can take Tanya in Krichev to weekend.
We write statement and get Tanya 2 or 3 days.
Tink, we try to do for Tanya good holidays and give God’s love in her heart.
Only LOVE can to do this girl good woman.
Tink, all we will do for Tanya, you will know, because you are MAMA.
We try to prepare for Tanya place, where she will be good and free and comfortly.
This is not easy, but we try.
Yes, Tanya needs in Mama’s love and care!

Galina at the request of pastor Michail.

They are now making arrangements for Таня, though it is very complicated, to come to Кричев and spend time with the church, and begin to live with the people of the church. In short, they have changed a death sentence, into an opportunity for life.

I consider myself both blessed and humbled to know such people, much less to know they are part of my family…

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Anonymous said...

"I consider myself both blessed and humbled to know such people, much less to know they are part of my family…"

DITTO !! What a testimony to their conviction and dedication to Christ and to His children!