Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Team Fish Rocks!

Holy Carp!!! Team Fish has already raised nearly $1,000. Are you kidding me? Furthermore, you guys have pledged over $800 in my name...which can mean only one thing: TIME TO UP THE ANTE!!!! If I reach my personal goal of $1,000I shave the legs...and post the pictures here. (Note, if you're squeamish about blood, you might want to skip that one...just sayin').

Furthermore, Team Fish is already at my hoped-for three members. One of the highlights last year was riding with my brother. This year, my friend Kurt heard about it. I'm sure he was thinking about coming to "watch teh event" then curiosity go the better of him and he just pushed all of his chips to the center of the table and declared himself ALL IN....kinda sounds like someone else I know.

And, one last piece of great news. One of my favorite things from last year is back: BUTTONS...or should I say BUTNZ! My other friend Kurt (yes, I have two) is once again designing BUTNZ for Team Fish at the event.

Team Fish is once again coming together. I am at once so incredibly proud and so equally humbled by the spirit and generosity of people.

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Fishmagic said...

You know me, I have an aversion to "watching things." Let's Ride!!!!!