Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Suggest a New Strategery....

...shave the Wookie.

Okay. I put up the challenge, yesterday. Help me break $1,000 and I shave my legs. That was yesterday. Today the barrier has been broken. So soon? What was I thinking? I'll get the clippers...the legs are getting shaven. Which, of course, means it's time to UP THE ANTE!!!!

Here's the (new) deal. If I reach $2,000 I will shave my head to the Lance. Lance's ride. Lance's hair. Pictures will, of course, be part of the deal. I love my hair, and have had pretty much the same cut and style for the last 15 years. Meet the goal, out come the clippers, off comes the hair...for reference:


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear what you've got planned at the $2,500.00 level.

Fishmagic said...

Dude, I underestimated what people would give...I set a modest goal of $250 to ensure I'd have enough to ride and met that goal in a day. Live and learn.

Karen said...

Gee, I think maybe when you reach $3,000, you should go for the beard! ;)

Are you anywhere near Lancaster County, PA? When my husband was battling his illness, we connected through the Kidney Cancer Assoc website with a man in Lancaster County who was fighting the same disease. Coincidentally, my husband lived in Lancaster County PA in the early to mid-80s. Also, coincidentally, like you, we had a blog going on blogspot that detailed my husband's progress over the last several months of his life ( It really is a small world!

Karen Collum