Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pictures from the Event

Gearing's a triathlon habit. Lay everything out so you know what you have and you don't forget anything. Gear it up, then lay it down again. Then gear it up again.

Don't forget your BUTNZ. I got a lot of laughs from the one my friend Dianne gave me for my 40th birthday: "I've Survived Damned Near Everything!"

Welcome to the event....



Team Fish!!!

L-to-R: Rob "FishrCutB8" Duffield, Iron Mike Haws, Kurt "Oorah" Enck (Not pictured: my brother Pat who rode straight to the showers--smart move!) The little moppet in front of us is Mike's son (and my nephew) Nick.

My Number One Fan moves into the you, Little Fish!!!!!


Redlefty said...

Love the finishing pic with your fist up. What a feeling!

Fishmagic said...


Just got around to checking back in to your blog. Wow, you do a great job of reporting. And, quite frankly, I'm flattered at your comments. Great pics also.

I have some of my Livestrong items hanging in my room here at school. I'm hoping it elicits some questions and comments from the students.