Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's the End of the World as We Know It...

Little Fish and I went to World's End State Park with the neighbors. Mrs. Fish stayed home. Mrs. Fish does not camp. It's a nicer campground than some, and everything was pretty much set up when I got there (one of the bonuses of having to work until closing on Friday). We hiked and the girls put on a "play".

The first hike was up to the top of the lookout, which was a pretty steep climb in places. One of the neighbors had a baby backpack for his little, and we took turns carrying her up and down the slopes. Little Fish played Sacajawea and helped me negotiate the treacherous terrain.

We also found some cool fauna, including this millipede which emits a kind of cyanide as its defense. Wash your hands IF you touch it. This is one reason Mrs. Fish does not camp.

The highlight of the hike is the lookout from the top, which the whites who settled there declared must be the end of the world...hence the name.

We also went swimming at a place called the Haystacks, which was a lot of fun. It has huge rocks in the middle of the Loyalsock Creek, and you can slide through different swimming holes. My neighbor Bob was swimming in one of the holes toward a big boulder when he got a bit of a scare: there was a snake's head poking up underneath it! I think the snake was "fishing' but we didn't stop to ask it. I like snakes, and it was cool to watch him from afar, but I couldn't identify what he was, so I gave him some extra room. This is another reason Mrs. Fish does not camp.

I ate too many s'mores. Mmmmmmmm...campfire s'mores are the best. My buddy Joe also made mountain pies, which are sandwiches with pie filling in them, placed in a cast iron bread holder and baked in the coals of the fire. I had too many of those, too.


hard.rox said...

Oh, memories galore! The Haystacks are about 4 miles downstream from our family cabin and we've been there on numerous occasions. Same holds true for Worlds End. Great places to spend a summer weekend. Haven't heard or thought about mountain pies since I was a kid. What a rush of memories!!

Thanks, Fish.

Lieutenant Dan said...

I love that area - some of the very best motorcycle riding around! There are many floorboard shavings from my scooter all over Pa 87 ;)

I recently took a mutual; friend on a trip to Worlds-end to get a picture of us by the sign but (surprise) he had various and sundry mechanical issues along the way and needless to was an adventure of a different kind if you know what i mean ;)

It seems that we travel to many of the same places ...coincidence???? Hmmmm I think NOT !

FishrCutB8 said...

I think I have a friend like that, too.

Redlefty said...

Great pics and notes.

Mountain pies sound goooood.