Monday, September 12, 2005


Some of you are following the story of Tanya, which I started here.

We just received this letter from the church at Krichev:

Tink, hello!

Thank you for your answer. We are glad to receive letters from you.

Tink, you write about Tanya in your letter and we answer for you.

15 September we go for Tanya and try to do holiday for Tanya with big cake!

And we sure thing to give your kiss and your hug.

We ask her about clothes and boots and other.

We think that better if you send from America. Because in Belarus clothes and boots cost very much.

And personal care things we try to give for Tanya. When we meet with Tanya, we will speak about this. We want to help Tanya—your Belarusian daughter.

Tink, our friendship grows and we will know much about each other and Tanya and we will try to help this girl.

First, that we know --- Tanya very loves you. We understand this, when we met with Tanya first time.

We very want that Tanya will love Jesus! And we try to help her in this very important moment--- Jesus love Tanya and Tanya will loves Jesus!

Jesus helps Tanya to live. And we do that we can that Tanya lives better.

Tink, very beautiful to take care about people together!

Tink, we know that give mercy for people are very good for Our Lord!

We know that our meetings with you, with Tanya are God’s will.

We very want to do good and gladly for our Lord!

News from our churches.

Harvest is good. We dry out our harvest and keep in our cellar. In winter we will help people, who need.

Now we more and more work for water project.

And prepare for Christian concert.

We pray and wait new meeting with you!

And we believe that in next year we can to do more for Jesus!

Tink, say for us, please, your birthday? Because in our churches we celebrate every people with birthday. And give little present and pray all for person celebrating his.

In your birthday we want to celebrate you and pray for you.

We think that we are one big FAMILY!

Tink, please, send our best regards for your pastor Mark Webb, for Brad, Don, Jon and all, who pray for us and know us.

Thank you very much for your praying!

Let God Bless you!

Your sister in Jesus Christ Galina at the request of pastor Michail.


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