Friday, September 09, 2005

9-11....Where were you?

It's one of those questions that every person has a rememberance. I was burying my Great Aunt, who was the matriarch of our family. At each stage of the funeral, more news came forth until it became apparent what was going on. My Aunt was a very firm believer in the Lord, and I think God may have called her home before these events so she didn't have to see them. I also think, if God gave her the power of an angel, she was up there protecting people, or more likely, holding them as they passed from our world to the next. Aunt Clara was like that. She probably had warm cookies waiting at the gates...


The Spaniard said...

I was in our corporate office in Chantilly,Va - right off the runway at Dulles where flight #77 took-off and hit the Pentagon. I was in a meeting with my counterparts (Division Controllers) from the other U.S Operations of my company. We heard about the first plane to hit the tower, and started watching the news - saw the second hit. The we heard the Pentagon was hit and we knew we were under siege by Jihadists.

We watched every plane very closely as they flew over our building to land - not knowing if they would try to hit us. After witnessing the towers fall we had to try to leave the Washington area in a mass exodus. I took my colleague from Boston back to Harrisburg in my car. He was very shook-up because he had just seen the all passengers from one of the United flights at the gate in Boston before he left.

On the way home we passed by Camp David and saw fighter jets in the air - reports that a passenger jet was unaccounted for in the area were rampant.

When I got home I heard about the plane crash down the road in Shenksville,Pa - flight #93.

Later I received a call that a good friend of mine (Brother George Behr) from church had a sister who worked in the Twin Towers - weeks later it was confirmed she had been killed.

FishrCutB8 said...

My brother knew a lot of people in the towers as well. Fortunately, the attacks occurred before many people arrived for work that day, and most of his friends were not in the buildings.