Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thanks a Lott

One of the things I have been really worried about for this whole Hurricane disaster is "What will happen to Trent Lott's house? Will he be able to rebuild?" Well, this story has the answer.

"First, we're going to save lives and stabilize the situation," Bush said at the Mobile Regional Airport upon his arrival. "And then we're going to help these communities rebuild. The good news is -- and it's hard for some to see it now -- that out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic Gulf Coast, like it was before.

"Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house -- he's lost his entire house -- there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch," he said, referring to the former Senate majority leader who lost his 154-year-old family home in Pascagoula, Miss.

Thank goodness!!! I mean, let's put aside the grammar for a moment (Rubbles????) and consider he has yet to set foot in New Orleans. I have to think it is more than the "liberal media" taking advantage of the situation.


The Spaniard said...

I think your general disdain of W may have caused you to be a bit too jaundiced in your take.

The President was simply stating that we as Americans would do what we always do - we will work together get back on our feet, regroup and rebuild. This statement was an attempt to help people look forward and give some hope. It may not have been reminiscent of Shakespeare but I don’t think it was drivel either.

Regarding his presence in New Orleans - if he were to set-foot in the city now it would only create more work for an already overloaded group of responders. He is wise to stay away - for now.

my 2 cents

FishrCutB8 said...

Perhaps, my friend. I think it's hard being powerless in the face of all this. Still, you have to admit: from a PR perspective, he could have made better choices...really.

And, while I understand what you're saying about NO, I disagree. I think he has to be on the ground reassuring people where it is most desperate.

I am trying to like him...it's just so hard...

The Spaniard said...

Yes - we can all make better choices my brother!

We can choose how we react. I have my own gripes and frustrations about the way certain people of responsibility handled..err didnt handle their business in the face of this event. However, it dawned upon me this is not the way He wants me spending my energy.

He has provided many outlets for me that i would be wise to take:



The Spaniard said...

One last "blame" comment. To clear-up confusion about FEMA's role. FEMA ia not a "first responder" as noted in their strategic plan:

"Disasters cause suffering and disrupt people’s lives and the normal functioning of their communities. States, Territories, Tribal Nations, and local governments bear the primary responsibility for responding to and recovering from disasters. FEMA—at the direction of the President—takes action when State, Territorial, Tribal and local resources are overwhelmed and the Governor requests assistance."

By law disaster relief is the primary responsibility of local and state governments, not the federal government. When the Islamic terrorists struck New York City the disaster response was local, not federal. When four hurricanes hit Florida last year the disaster response was local, not federal.The state and local governments acknowledge this. I bring this-up only to point-out the waves of critism of the Feds in the early stages of the crisis are unfounded.

That said - as we are now a week removed from the event, now is the time where FEMA must do their job. It appears to me that they need to get into "high-gear" and quickly! Unfortunately the current director appears to have only have one gear and thats neutral! I appreciate the ability to remain calm in a crisis as much as anybody but this guy takes it to new heights never seem before! "Bueller....Bueller...Ferris Bueller...."

If W does not act quickly to "supplement" this guy with someone withe the "graviats" to get the job done - no matter how big it is - he will be dropping the ball just as badly as the wet noodle, empty suit mayor and the AWOL governor.

my 2 more rubbles

The Spaniard said...

oops - I can spell too good either.

let me fix it:

If W does not act quickly to "supplement" this guy with someone with the "gravitas" to get the job done - no matter how big it is - he will be dropping the ball just as badly as the wet noodle, empty-suit mayor and the AWOL governor.

Ok - i am done hijacking your blog now. And that is all ! :)

FishrCutB8 said...

I knew what you meant, even without the corrections. Nobody appreciates your willingness to go back and make them like I do, though. Neutral is better than reverse.

Part of my response, and part of my frustration, is the general lack of response at the local level, and their inability to protect people. The stories coming out of the Astrodome in Texas now lead me to believe that the problems are following the evacuees/refugees.

I recall the comments made in men's group on Saturday, that people who have a propensity for undesireable behavior, when confronted with the opportunity to ecxercise it without fear of reprisals, will act. Lord of the Flies on a grand scale.

Suffice to say: "It is complicated."