Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Don't Be THAT Guy...

You might remember my advice to turn off your cell phones in meetings. The same holds forth for cellular devices in church, movie theaters and any other place where the squawk of your phone is going to cause heads to turn, brows to knit and fists to clench in that snow-capped knuckle look that is so popular these days.

I really need to add this, though, because someone didn't get the advice. Not exactly, anyway. So here is the necessary follow up to that previous post. Ready? Don't be the guy that forgets to turn off his cell phone at the presentation ESPECIALLY if you're the guy GIVING the presentation.

I didn't think it needed to be said. I was wrong. Don't be THAT guy.

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eric oliver said...

Even worse...last week I attended a funeral. My son's teacher died unexpectedly on Chrismas day (she left the class Holiday party the Friday before saying she didn't feel well). While her brother was up delivering the eulogy, no less than THREE phones went off! The first was bad enough. The next two should have been sent to their own funerals. INCREDIBLE!!