Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mom is back in the ICU

I was in training a couple of days this week in Wilmington, DE. One of the cool things about this is that it is about half an hour from Mom, who is at the University of Penn Hospital in Philadelphia. I went up to see her and surprise her on Tuesday. I wore one of my favorite suits because my mom, having been a tailor, appreciates such things. She was totally surpised to see me. I stayed for about an hour and a half and we just chatted. The chemo was starting to take hold so she was pretty tired, but it was cool.

On Thursday I brought her some coffee ice cream, one of her favorites. Now that she has started eating a little bit of solid foods, I thought she could at least have something she liked. She had one cup, then a second. I asked her if she wanted a third and she said she wasn't sure if she should. "Mom," I said. "What are you worried about, getting fat?" We both laughed and she said she's take the third cup of ice cream. The chemo is eating her up pretty bad, so she has trouble talking, but I left her in good spirits.

Last night her blood pressure took a nosedive. They had to bring in the crash team and try to get it back up, which they did. They put her back into ICU as a precaution to monitor her for a couple of extra days. We'll see how things progress from there.

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