Sunday, June 08, 2008

Guest Blogger....Little Fish!!!

This is an assignment Little Fish wrote for one of her classes this year.

A Gift of Love

A true gift is not given from Wal-mart or K-mart but from your heart and soul.
A gift is light in your hall of darkness.
A gift is the sight and sound of things you love.
You can give millions even thousands of gifts but if none of them are from your heart then they dont mean any thing to the person your giving them to.
A gift is a nice friend.
A gift is just is just a pinch of IRISH luck.♣
A gift could be anything from your heart.
If you're blind a gift could be sight.
If you're deaf a gift could be hearing the birds sing a song of praise.
If you're lonley a gift could be friends and some love.
But everybody needs some love and caring for.
Not just faux hugs and kisses but real ones.
Whatever it is and it's from your heart it means the world.


Redlefty said...

Smart girl!

Anonymous said...

That kid is something else!

Fishmagic said...

Great job, Little Fish!!!!