Sunday, January 27, 2008

Arctic Rider

My (Original) friend Eric turned me on to Arctic Glass, the Alaskan riding adventures of Jill Homer. She rides in temperatures and conditions that would keep most people from rolling out of bed, much less going for a ride on a bicylce. All the while, she is learning how to do it better, through a series of trial and error, guessing, and assumptive reasoning. Somehow, she manages not just to learn, but to excel.

I love this blog. Jill's writing style is easy to read, but what really strikes me is the beauty of the North Country. After reading Into The Wild, I believed Alaska to be the last wild place in America, as we continue to build, develop and tame the west. Jill's photographs (see above) and descriptions confirm it. Far from the madness of tourists, her rides take us into the wild beauty of Alaska, and I am better for it.

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