Sunday, June 14, 2009


What a weekend. So far I have:

-- Cleaned out the garage, powerwashed it, purged a bunch of junk and took another yard-sale boatload downstairs

-- Fixed teh powerwasher and powerwashed the deck and the furniture

-- Got the deck all set up, including the daybed for Mrs. Fish

-- Mowed the lawn, did the weedwhacking and did some weeding

-- Went on a hike with Little Fish and Murphy

-- Hung out with Little Fish, including a Home Depot run to make new keys, a car dealer run to look at cars, and a Verizon run to look at phones for the two of us

-- Biked 45 miles to Boiling Springs and back...cramped terribly one mile from the house and had to get off and take in an extra gel. I think I need to add some salt to my long, hot rides

I could be wrong, but I think it's time for bed....

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