Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Top 10 Signs The Fish Might be Getting in Shape

10. No longer makes "the old man noise" when he stands up or sits down.

9. I can almost breathe while riding in the drops.

8. That 60-something-year-old guy I see in my travels no longer seems REALLY fast.

7. The guy who yelled, "Go get 'em Lance" doesn't know about the surgery.

6. I can climb the hill near my daughter's school and the sound I make at the top is "breathing" not "wheezing".

5. When I jumped on it after passing a posse of guys near Harrisburg's MUT, one of them was heard to say, "Man, that s**t is crazy."

4. I went with the breakaway group on the club ride and I didn't die...

3. My wife asks how my ride went and I can manage more than monosyllabic grunts.

2. Passing a rather large woman tonight, she asked me to pick her up on my way back.

1. I sprinted past two pit bulls and felt I had what I needed in my legs if I needed to go, go, go....

1 comment:

Fishmagic said...

I think you're ready for the Harrisburg Tri in 3 weeks...well, 2 1/2. Flat course, and a downstream swim.