Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, I Live...

...just trapped under a pile of work. In the latest "Don't Be That Guy" I offer you this:

When you go to a dinner to honor outstanding student achievement, and the student of the moment is at your table, don't go on and on about your work. Take a moment to ask said student about themselves. You might learn something interesting. Like that she studied a semester in France. Or that she wants to go back there to teach English. Or that her sorority is not the drink-your-face-off variety, but the we're-holding-a-dance-contest-to-support-Ronald-McDonald-House variety. Or that the thing that keeps her and her parents close is she always felt they always LISTENED to her. If you close the piehole, you'll get that. Just sayin' don't be THAT guy.

Oh yeah. If your phone has a rock anthem for its ringtone, rest assured the only person amused or interested by that is you. The other people listening to the guest speaker are the least amused...unless you count the guest speaker himself. Don't be rock-anthem-ringtone-guy.

And, if you're the guest speaker, at least TRY to be interesting. Please....

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