Saturday, March 21, 2009

Get Your Rear in Gear: Philadelphia

"The art of being sick is not the same as the art of getting well. Some cancer patients recover; some don’t. But the ordeal of facing your mortality and feeling your frailty sharpens your perspective about life. You appreciate little things more ferociously. You grasp the mystical power of love. You feel the gravitational pull of faith. And you realize you have received a unique gift – a field of vision others don’t have about the power of hope and the limits of fear; a firm set of convictions about what really matters and what does not. You also feel obliged to share these insights – the most important of which is this: There are things far worse than illness – for instance, soullessness."
---Tony Snow

The doctor gave me a green light to start working out again last week. FINALLY. So, I spent this week slllllooooowwwwwllllly ramping up. I did't want to push anything or rush anything, so just some nice easy jogs around the block and some time on the bike.

Tomorrow I am going to run in my first race since last year, a 5K in Philadelphia called Get Your Rear in Gear. It's a race to raise awareness of colon cancer and to raise money to fight it. I got a shout from one of the race organizer's Tony Snow's sister, Jennifer. Since colon cancer claimed her brother, she has been seeking ways to beat cancer back, and so she naturally called on her experience as a racer and triathlete. I am so excited to be part of the First Get Your Rear in Gear: PPhiladelphia race. Needless to say, I won't be racing (the time off has made me fat and slow) but I will be finishing....for Tony, for Jennifer, and for those fighting everywhere.

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So how did the run go, Fish?