Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Stuff...

I'm in the process of creating a Fish Room. It's going to be a multi-purpose room where Little Fish and I can do our homework, and also store books, games and some of our stuff. She and I each have our own desks and chairs. It also has a little seating area with a second-hand couch.

I also put the fish tank in there. Littel Fish topped herself with the naming of the denizens therein. The fish are Death (an Angel Fish--get it? Angel of Death), Kit-cat (a catfish who is a total crowd-pleaser), Tiger (gourami), Scrapple (a brownish, grayish, non-descript, scrapple-colored goldfish-like creature) and the three new guppies: Wrinkles, Schizo (excitable little guy) and Gibbous (a half-black, half silver guppy).

I'm excited about having a space we can hang out together that isn't necessarily in front of a television. Unfortunately, everything I need to move around is very heavy.

On another note, I think I'm finally over being sick. There is still some residual stuff, so I'm running at about 88%, with stuffiness in the ears and sinuses, but that's about it. I got VERY dehydrated yesterday and started feeling sick and a little disoriented. It had to be one of the stranger feelings ever. As I thought back, I was pretty sure I didn't drink anything but coffee all day--not so good, really. Four HUGE glasses of water and laying down made a big difference. Note to Self: Drink water. Speaking of dehydrated, more koalas:

Little Fish and Mrs. Fish just went out to see a movie. It's a little strange being in the house alone. It just never happens. Quiet in here...

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Anonymous said...

You guys come up with the most creative pet names! Love it.

And thanks for posting those Koala photos/links. Made me wanna cry. Sniff.