Sunday, February 22, 2009

Follow Up on the Hound...

So, it turns out the dog who chased Murphy has had problems with other dogs in the neighborhood, charging them, barking at them, wandering into their yards, etc. To be more specific, and in the interest of being fair, the idiot owner has the problem. I spoke with someone who live down that way, today and she told me a lot of the neighbors of this guy have had issues with his dogs.

It seems, however, I was the first person to call animal services. In speaking with this woman, I told her we have an animal officer in the township. The officer followed up on my call and had a discussion with the dog owner about his responsibilities as an animal owner. There was apparently no issue because I have not heard anything further.

That being said, I gave the people who live down in his neck of the woods the animal-control person's information for future reference.

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