Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a Day

Got up this morning around 6.15 and hit the ground running. Grabbed a cup of coffee and a shower and got dressed. It's casual Friday and while that's cause for celebration for about 90% of America, it actually causes me a modicum of anxiety.

It's sloppy outside, a mixture of rain and sleet and freezing gush, so jeans would seem de rigueur. But what if a client should need to see me? Then a jacket and tie would seem appropriate, at the very least. I've solved this one by keeping a pressed and starched shirt with a jacket and tie at the office. Still, a higher standard generally applies to the sales guy, so I opted for a pair of upscale cotton cargo pants and a ribbed turtleneck, finishing it off with a pair of cool Skechers...nice outfit, all-in-all. Still, a wardrobe update is coming soon, I suspect, with a lot of my business clothes getting a little worn around the edges and my casual wardrobe pretty much nonexistant.

I dashed out the door where I spent the better part of the morning on the phone, trying in vain to reach a handful of people who are too busy to answer their phones or return their calls. Sigh. At least no one was rude or hung up on

Lunch was an improvement; the people in the office took me out to lunch and we went to the Peachtree Diner where I ordered breakfast for lunch. Absolutely awesome. Steak and eggs with homefries and toast...and a big old pancake on top. NOICE!

After that, I went to Little Fish's Holiday Concert at school. I got a little choked up seeing my daughter up there singing away. She makes me so proud, and I am blessed to have a good kid like her. She sings beautifully (so glad she got Mrs. Fish's voice and not mine). She is also singing in the church pageant for Christmas Eve this year, and has received a solo once again.

I went back to work, finished out some calls and paperwork, then took off for vacation. I'm out until the 26th and am really looking forward to having some time off. My brain is a littled cooked, quite frankly.

I finished out the day by going out to an overpriced dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and coming home to open a Christmas present. Mrs. Fish gave me a BEAUTIFUL photo of Little Fish that I have loved forever. It was taken at a friend's wedding, but I thought it was gone forever. Mrs. Fish found it, blew it up, had an expert doctor it up a bit and swatch it in Sepia tones. I LOVE IT!


Fishmagic said...

Enjoy that vacation...I'll soon be off until the 5th of January. : )

Anonymous said...

go manateez!

ps zomg

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