Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven Random Things....

There's been a rash of Give Us Random Things About You Tags, so I am just going to get to it before I get tagged. Following here, seven random things about Fish:

1. I actually enjoy daydreaming. There's a side of me that could watch dust motes in sunlight all day. Give me a cup of tea and ray of sunshine, let me blow on a long-forgotten windowsill and you wouldn't see me for the better part of the morning...

2. I like Angry-chick-rock. The angrier the better. Pink, Alannis Morissette,even Carrie Underwood. There's just something fun about a chica who is looking to tear your heart out while singing to you about it. I blame Carly Simon for all of this. You may or may not agree--get your own list.

3. I like watching and studying people. There are two places I excel. One is the bathroom. There is (or should be) a higher set of social mores in place here, and it's often odd to me when people break them. Which stall or urinal to use given a set of parameters (e.g. given three urinals, one of them kid-sized, always go to the outside, normal-adult-sized one first), should you talk or not (please don't, unless you know me, in which case a brief and unenthiusiastic "hi" will be tolerated and returned. A conversation is out of the question, and please don't look at me--eyes STRAIGHT AHEAD), use warm water AND SOAP when you're done (and, it's okay to talk now). Oh, and please, please, please LEAVE THE CELL PHONE OUT OF THE BATHROOM!
Second, I am good at driving and traffic. If you pay attention, you get to know who is going to go where, and why, who is lost, who's a total jerk, and who's just generally clueless. The absolute worst drivers on the road? Moms in minivans...on cell phones. Listen, women can multitask just about anything. My wife can paint her toes, talk on the phone, boot up a computer, balance the checkbook and comb Little Fish's hair at the same time (she would call that a slow morning), but even she acknowledges this is one are women should NOT attempt to multitask.

4. Bad grammar and punctuation bother me. A lot. I make corrections in books. This includes library books. I feel someone else should know how it should have read. I also correct my magazines. Triathlete Magazine has a lot of mistakes. I'm thinking about making corrections and mailing them back to the editors with my business card.

5. Fall is my favorite season. It used to be Spring, but as I get older, I think it's Fall. There is something about when the air turns crisp, the smell of the trees and fireplaces that warms my heart. And, the food of fall is better than Spring. Soup, stew, chili and turkey with stuffing. Just try to top those. See what I mean?

6. I miss my cat, Eddie. He passed away almost a year ago, and I still miss him. It's strange, but he used to sit with me and watch sports (he was a big Philadelphia fan, tolerated the Red Sox and completely disagreed with me about the DH making arguments it was good for baseball), follow me around the house and curl up at my feet at the end of the day. Some days I still look for him. Charlotte and Phineas McLovin are great cats in their way, and I adore them, but they're not my Eddie.

7. I need to update my Life List. I found one I had made a couple of years ago. Somewhere along the lines I accomplished a bunch of them (triathlon, new job, start writing again), and some of the others (own a BMW???) no longer seem important. Weird the perspective time brings, no?

7a. My ankle is still sore and stiff. I am an idjuct. That is all.

So, what's your list?


Anonymous said...

Re: Fish Life List, paragraph 7:
Own a BMW.....I beg to differ, oh Fish with the bum ankle.

It isn't some wisdom bestowed upon you with the passage of time that makes you question ownership of a possession as a worthwhile pursuit, it was the cancer.

Perspective gets crammed down your throat while that radiation scope is pointed at your nether regions, I'd guess. Don't reneg on those private promises made to yourself when the outcome was unclear. Them, Mr. Fish, were the real deal as far as life pursuits.

Anonymous said...

BTW, quit whining about the ankle. It's unbecoming of one who survived cancer, of one who was the "hit" part of a hit and run involving a bike and a truck, of one who gives back by riding a bunch of "itchy" miles for LAF to raise a bunch of dough for folks he'll never meet. Do I need to go on or is the irony thick enough?

Joyce (Oliver) Stahle said...

As we get older our priorities change and those things we thought were important aren't anymore.

Also, surviving cancer I'm sure changes your viewpoint on things as well.

I'm sure you will get another Eddie. Your "Eddie" sounds a lot like my cat "Mittens" who had to be put down 3 months ago. I know I will miss her for a long time.