Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weird Meeting...

I went to visit a new potential client today. When I told the receptionist who I was, she got a funny look on her face, then said, "Ummmmmmmm, he no longer works here." Then this guy pokes his head out of a back office and comes forward to introduce himself as "Bill" and asks what we're there for.

I tell him and and he says, "Ummmmmmmm, he no longer works here."

Yeah, I kind of got that. So they offer to try to track down the President for me (cool) but no one can find him. Okkkkkaaaaaaayyyyy...So as I'm talking to Bill and the receptionist, this dusty old guy sort of materializes beside me. Like, one second he's not there, then the next second he is there. It was really kind of spooky.

So I introduce myself and my company. Turns out he's "Harry-the-Musty-Controller". I would have guessed disheveled lawn ornament, but okay. "So, what are you guys, like, headhunters," he asks.

I explain that I actually find the jobs for my headhunters to put the people into the positions. "Oh," he replies. I turn to say something to Bill and Harry-the-Crusty-Controller just as quickly disappears. I honestly don't know how big people do that, but when I turned back, there was no sign of him.

The whole thing was odd and would have been uncomfortable had I not been so totally amused by the entire process. I got the impression that my contact had been terminated and it was in a very public, obvious and embarrassing way, so much so that even the secretary knew what was going on. I still wonder what he could have done that was so bad that he got fired, while Harry-the-Dusty-Controller kept his...

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