Saturday, September 06, 2008

Team Fish 2008!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who made the LiveSTRONG Challenge such a HUGE success this year. Together, we raised over $4,000, part of Philadelphia's nearly $3,000,000 total!

Team Fish or Cut Bait 2009 is:
Mrs. Fish and Little Fish -- I couldn't have done any of this without you! No words can describe riding in and hearing your cheers for me, know we've come two years TOGETHER August 14, 2006. I love you!
Pat Duffield -- Rider! "I'm glad my bruzher Pat is here!"
Kurt Enck -- Rider! Semper Fidelis.
Mike Haws -- Rider! No hills next year!
Matt Purdue -- Missing Wingman. Next year!
Mom and Dad -- I missed you this year, but will be looking for you at the finish line next year. Keep fighting, Mom!
The Schmidts -- Thank you for everything, from Day 1 to this
Anthony Schroder -- For Susan Schroder who was one tough cookie. Thanks for the strength she lent me.
Brad Smith -- Love to you and Y and the family.
John Erno -- A huge thank you, brother.
Amy Beamer -- For Philip Beamer. Thanks for being with me, my friend.
Karen Collum -- Thank you for everything. I rode proudly for Tim.
Mila Burgess -- I was proud to ride for your Dad
Joe Laubach -- Thank you, my friend and brother
Mark Hays -- And Little MAH. Wookie riders rule.
The Weigles -- Thanks for your toughness, and your strength
The Kiehls -- Thanks, C&L. It meant so much to have you with me.
Mary Moscarello -- M&M, of the fighting Moscarellos: you rock!
The Kieffs -- Thank you so much for being part of this with me, from that first day to this one.
Lisa and Joe -- I thought of you more than once out there. Thanks for your strength.
James Newman -- Dude!!! Thanks so much for supporting me...
Elizabeth Schindler -- Thanks so much, volleyball (O Captain, My Captain) girl!
Jenny -- For your brother and for your mom. I would LOVE to have you ride with us next year!
Eric Martin -- I had no quit in me
George and Da Behrs -- I would love to have a Behr to ride with the Fishes next year...
Greg Woods -- For John Woods. Thanks so much, brother.
Leigh Wheeler -- Thanks, Oregon!!! I was proud to have you with me.
Neil Davies -- It was an honor to ride for William Mills
Kathy Carnes -- For Donald, who remains with us in so many ways
Bill Moore -- Phew. That was a close shave. Thanks for your incredible support, and for the squirrel.
Bob Devlin -- Score one for the Old Guys.
Sara and the Maschos -- Not a band. Thank you so much for supporting me once again.
Melody Brown -- For Mickey Davis. I felt his strength and his love of riding out there.
Christopher Bathke -- It was my distinct honor to have you on the team, and to ride for Janice Carter
Aoife and Otto Hammersmith -- I'm still seeing Otto in the mask, chasing me up the hills. Eek!
Kristen Schulltz -- Thank you for your amazing spirit and kindness
Amy Lennon -- Thank you so incredibly much for being part of the team
Lisa Mowery -- If we survived Idearc, I can certainly get through a 100 mile bike ride: Easy-peasy
Brad Morgan -- I'm thinking you need to get your butt on your scooter for next year. Just sayin'...
John "Mahler" Gesselberty -- Mahler's tears cure cancer. Too bad Mahler has never cried.
Terri Doyle -- It was my honor to ride for Christine "Lucy" Rusher, and for you, BUNNY, who continue to be an inspiration and a source of strength to so many, including me. Keep fighting!
Tim Bellows -- For William Owen and William L. Bellows, Jr.
Timothy Bechen -- Thank you so much for supporting me this year
The LOML Marotos -- For Louise Longstreth and for Joe Matthews, and for mouthwateringness everywhere.
James Dunn...It's just a short step from sprint tris to century rides, you know?
Cdaddy Glatz -- For Jay. I thought of him a lot as I rode through the wooded sections, knowing he would have been off-trail in those areas.
Beth Reed -- Thank you so much for supporting me again, my Irish friend.
Janet Lemon -- When life gives you Lemons, make Snapdragens. The world needs more Snapdragens. Thanks for being with us, again.
Julie Keen -- Thank you for kicking me off this year!
Arsiyanti Ardie -- It was so incredible to have Yantilicious on Team Fish. Keep fighting your fight, sister!
Kacy Englebrook -- Thanks for the shaving tips! You soooo need to join us in 2009!
Delfin Hernandez -- thank you so much for your kind support
The Iowa Chapter of Team Fish -- A huge "Thank You, Baby!!!" Granted, it was a close shave in some spots. Your support means the world to me.

It's inevitable that I've forgotten someone. If it's you, PLEASE accept my apologies, then PM me, e-mail me or send a carrier pigeon/letter-bomb to let me know so I can put you up here. Thanks again, Team Fish.

Planning for 2009 has already begun! Wanna fight?


Fishmagic said...

That Enck guy is trouble.

FishrCutB8 said...

I heard the same thing....