Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poetry Thursday


Heels hit the floor. Silently I rise and
Streeeeeeeeeeetch, mirroring the fat cats
As we prepare to descend
Me to my run, them to their breakfast

Pushing off the porch to pavement I vault
A slug, sluggishly sliding
A rainbow slime trail marks the promise of his passing
As he runs this morning’s errands

My pace quickens as bunniez hop happily ahead of me
(I’ll never catch them, they’ll never catch me)
And a snowy egret ascends out of the swamp
A post-historic pterodactyl in angel’s white

I cut the corner, heading for home
A robin couple rests in the road
One rises, the other does not, dead
Having forgotten to move in her winking instant of decision

1 comment:

Fishmagic said...

There were five bunnies on the path this morning as I was preparing for my run. I was thinking of you and your poem.