Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just a Quick Update

There really isn't much to report. My mom was diagnosed with pneumonia AND a heart attack, then they found Hepatitis A as well. She has made small steps in the right direction with regard to requiring less help with her breathing (I won't bore you with all the medical jargon). They are also going to try to ween her off the sedatives she is on, which she fought last time.

It's tough because she is still heavily sedated and non-responsive. Those of you that know my mom will likely have a tough time picturing her being non-responsive about anything. Little Fish really wants to see her NiNi, but the ICU has prohibitions on kids under fourteen, so that's been tough, too.

Thanks to friends and family that have called, e-mailed, dropped notes here and lifted my mom and our family up in prayer. Your support, kindness and love are very much appreciated.


SaraLouWhoFish said...

Dear BigFish,
My prayers are with you and your family. Let me know if you need a nurse's perspective, or if there is anything you need. Have you considered the Hep A vaccine for littlefish? JuleBug had hepB vaccine but not A so far.

Fishmagic said...

Just checked in here after a short lapse, sorry to hear about your mom.

Your mom and your family are in our prayers.

eric oliver said...

Dude! Your mother and all of you will be in our thoughts and prayers!

I have been heads down for the last two months with the move from CA to IL. I'm glad I checked in tonight!