Friday, May 11, 2007

Morning Runs

I went for a run the last couple of mornings, very early. Things have started to change, with the season. It was warm enough to start the run in shorts yesterday, and I took off the long-sleeved shirt I was wearing when I got to the house, before my last loop and cool-down. Weird to be running in shorts and short sleeves, but it feels good.

Last night, we had violent storms. I think a neighbor's house actually got hit by lightning. All of the moisture from those storms sat, and made for a very soupy morning. It was a low-lying fog that made the air thick, thicker than it's been in a long time. I could feel its weight in my lungs. When cars drove by, the air held the exhaust, adding to the choking smell and feel of the morning. I also noticed that the early season flowers and trees, the magnolias that dotted my run and added to the aroma of my experience, have given way to the smell of tanbark and mulch. It's earthier, not altogether unpleasant, but I do miss the bright, airy, sweet smells of the magnolias in bloom.

On a brighter note, my azaleas are now in full bloom. Though I can't smell them, they're beautiful.

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