Friday, May 25, 2007

Got the Nerve?

I have my triathlon tomorrow. I think I am ready. I've done a good job on the bike and put in some extra miles running. What? Oh, there's swimming, too? Huh. That could be a problem. Actually, I got over to the community pool a couple of times as well (they have community swim on Mondays only) and worked on my technique and pull a little, so I shouldn't drown. I say shouldn't because there has been an unusually long cold snap in this region of the country, and I know that water is going to be COLD. It's always been a little chilly, but I suspect this year will be something to behold.


eric oliver said...

A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are for.
-William Shedd the 12 second swim was perfect training. :-)

Eric Martin said...

Do 'er up Fish. The cold water will just make you swim faster! -E

Matchman said...

Sweet RR, Fishy! I run on some Brooks GTSs, too, though I haven't picked up the fancy '07 model. I'm still on the '06s with the black patent leather on them. Very chic. Very cool.

Get thee to an OLY. You'll love the longer distances.