Monday, April 23, 2007

Swim Night...

I went over to the local middle school for a swim on community night. It was most definitely community pool night. There were loud, screaming kids as far as the eye could see/ear could hear. I could not believe how LOUD it was

They had one lane of the pool set aside for lap swimmers. When I got there, there was one other woman in the swim lane. As I walked over there, three kids from a local Boy Scout Troop hopped in. This, I was sure, was going to be "the suxxor." The kids kept swimming into me and the other woman, until I figured out a way to go around them. At first, I was pretty annoyed, but then I thought about how tough it was to keep focused; and how I hated getting bumped into while swimming, and how I had to keep my head up occasionally to look for other swimmers. It occurred to me that this was actually going to be a better practice for a triathlon than I had originally thought. I considered swimming on top of them or kicking them, just to make it thoroughly authentic, but decided against it.

It was good to get in the pool. I feel like I am not going to die, now. My goal for this triathlon has changed from surviving the swim to not embarrassing myself on the swim. Noble, I know.

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eric oliver said...

Don't worry about embarrassing yourself in the swim. The race isn’t over until you finish the run.

The first time I entered a triathlon (too long ago to want to admit…), I was the LAST one out of the water, but at the end of the race, I had taken third in my age group (full disclosure--there were only 6 entries in my age group).

Although it helps to have a decent showing in the swim, it isn’t critical. All you have to do is FINISH the swim and you get to go on to your stronger events.

Keep at it. I still swim like a stone, but I have never again been the last out of the water…