Thursday, August 24, 2006

Looks Like I'm Not the Only One losing an Orb This Week...

That's right...the Solar System lost one today, too, according to THIS ARTICLE. Poor guy.


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you bud. Hope everything goes well today. Be strong, stay hopeful and get well.

Go Sox!


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you today and I'll be sending you energy for a full and speedy recovery.

Your friends from BT are with you ..

1 Foot the Other

Anonymous said...

Read in Marma's blog that you were having the surgery today. Hope everything goes perfectly, they get everything, and recovery goes as easily as possible. BTW, this entry is hilarious. You have a great sense of humor about this!

-KimJ81 of BT

John Gesselberty aka Mahler said...

Look on the bright side, they could have downgraded Uranus. LOL

Praying hard here.


Anonymous said...

As a survivor of TC (right removed in Jan '83, then I had the retroperitineal lymphectomy two weeks later), I wish you all the best. You are NOT alone! I was fortunate to not have chemotherapy, mine went away from surgery, and 23 years later, I am healthy and the father of a 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl.

Good luck! I am sure it will all go well.

spokes of BT