Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The AT...just got some pictures back

For those of you who enjoyed my three day odyssey on the Appalachian Trail, a few pictures...

Home sweet home:

Sunrise on the Trail:

The now-famous stove (still have to get one of those!):

Whenever I travel, my daughter insists I take "The Lion" with me. It's been on pretty much every trip I have been on since she has been born. Here is The Lion on the AT:

My friend David, studying the map, and ready to hike:


The Spaniard said...

you know - i was thinking of buying one of those gas cannisters that fit THE STOVE. They are approved for carrying Gasoline. I would carry it in my saddlebags just in case i either A)run out of gas or B) get stuck with crappy low octane gas at some out of way outpost in Timbucktoo, or C) see some poor soul stranded casue he/she ran out of gas.

It's real nice - 33oz. $15.00

I thought you would like to know..i'm not sure why.

...and that is all

FishrCutB8 said...

In my best French accent:

"I don't thinka I need one. I already GOT one."

"It'sa very niiiice."

J/'s on my shopping list. Thanks for the link.

Q: Can you pour gas out of that? It seems to me it screwed on and depressed into the stove....