Saturday, September 24, 2016

Test Ride - FJR1300

After riding the BMW RT and Can-Am (Brad did not enjoy this "bike" - it just never felt sure-footed, and he felt like he was going to get bounced off of it), we returned to Wenger's. I thought it would be fun to see what else they had, and go out one more time giving Brad a chance with the BMW. As fortune would have it, there was a Yamaha FJR 1300, one of the bikes I had on my list to I did!

I was surprised by the feel of the FJR. First, it was more compact than I thought, and rode considerably lower than the BMW or my Ducati. The reach to the bars is considerably longer, creating a more stretched out position. It all works, but I have to think some adjustments would be necessary to make it comfortable for all day riding.

The bike has tons of power. It's not as abrupt as the Ducati, rolling on smoothly, where the Ducati is like the Millenium Falcon making the jump to hyperspace when you twist your wrist. The FJR rolls up to speed, QUICKLY and smoothly. I liked the screen in the lowest position, but a taller screen would be required to provide the same protection as the BMW for longer touring. Still, it is light years ahead of the Ducati.

I am kind of bummed they don't have a top box for this bike. Seriously? It's a sport tourer. Aftermarket editions are available, of course, but this is just silly. Also, no sixth gear until this year? That is, like the absence of a top box, two-parts puzzling and one-part absurd. The FJR comes with shaft drive (losing the chain would be great) .

I liked this bike. A lot! I would really like to take it out for a much longer ride and really put it through its paces.

Afterwards, we went to Fresca in town, on Carol's advice. We were not disappointed with quantity, though freezer-fries I could have lived without. Great day all around!

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