Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I took a trip up to the Spruce Creek Rod and Gun Club, near State College, PA. One of my accounting firm Partners is a member, and invited me. The club was begun after the Civil War by a Pennsylvania vet who wanted a place to get away from it all. In the 1900s, they built the clubhouse, which stands to this day.

Loading the bike up was a little nerve wracking, especially with the fly rods. Never having done this before, the haphazard appearance of the rods sticking out created a mild discomfort, but slower riding and a less spirited pace at the beginning alleviated this.

And then the throttle cracked open and the Multi came to life. What should have been a 2 hour ride turned into a 4 hour extravaganza. The roads became twistier as the miles unfolded, and some of the best roads in Pennsylvania appeared. Trees, rivers, twists, turns, Sky - this ride had everything. And, not a picture was taken.

We fished and fished, and I caught 4 trout (that's all), but they included the largest brook trout I have ever caught (a nineteen inch fatty) and this beautiful 18 inch rainbow.

I honestly forgot how much I loved to fish, and I am ready to do it more, again.

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