Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Central PA Ride

I did a couple of local rides in Central PA, just noodling around some familiar haunts. Waggoner's Gap is a short jaunt from home, and I can run a one, two, or three hour ride from here, depending on how long the honey-do list is for the weekend. This was just a short run, but perhaps mercifully so, as it was already more than 90 degrees at 9.30 AM.

The view from the top is beautiful, even when it is hazy, hot, and humid, like it's been for the past two weeks here.

Occasionally, a Sasquatch shows up, too - ARGH!!!

I also rode down Duffield Road to Duffield, PA, which would be completely unremarkable, except that my last name is Duffield. So, that was kind of cool.

I don't know if it is EVER going to cool off, but these leaves reminded me of the promise of Autumn.

So, what's a person to do to cool off? If there is a better answer than Igloo Ice Cream in Shippensburg, PA, I don't know what it is. It's worth the trip, no matter how long the trip...

...though, it should be noted, that blue-black bruise in the sky to the right is a harbinger. Something wicked this way comes, and it involves rain, gale-force winds that had us leaning hard to the left, and lightning. It was the lightning that finally had us ducking for cover...


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