Saturday, August 13, 2016


I committed to wearing All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT) on day 1 of riding. I got a pair of Olympia pants, a textile jacket, and a pair of Sidi boots on massive sale. My helmet was an HJC flip up and I had a pair of leather gloves. Not bad, but not the best out there, either. The pants were especially awful, with no breatheability at all.

Recently, I started upgrading my gear I got a pair of MotoPort pants, lightly used, and loved them. The Kevlar is even more abrasive-resistant than leather and it breathes. I also got a pair of Alpinestars gloves that are mesh and reinforced with hard plastic. Much better, and again, breathable. I upgraded the jacket too a MotoPort as well, then added a Shoei helmet.

I feel even more comfortable on the bike now, especially in the heat, and my gear is all top quality. I feel so much safer AND cooler.

The reason I mention this is that today I had something hit me on the knee while I was riding. I'm not sure if it was tossed from the car in front of me, flipped up from their tire, or fell from an overhanging branch. All I know is that it hit me square on the knee...and bounced right off.

And that is why I roll ATGATT.

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