Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweeny Todd Easter?

I went with the family to visit my wife's brother and his family. It's a two-hour ride to D.C. and it was surprisingly easy, with relatively light traffic, especialy for a holiday in the District. I was grateful for a relatively easy trip down. Dinner was fantastic (ham has always been one of my absolute favorites, and something magical happens to pork products south of the Mason-Dixon line. It was absolutely masterful.

We talked about family, friendships, vacations, and the like. It was a nice, easy conversation.One of the things we ended up discussing was my new interest in writing, particularly with fountain pens, and shaving old school with double edged and, occasionally, straight razors. Shaving like this is kind of a weird hobby, I admit, but it has turned shaving from something I hate doing into something I love doing. From soaking the brush, to loading lather into it, working it into a huge and rich lather with incredible scents. I love the whole ritual, especially shaving that rich lather off my face.

Anyway, my brother in law got up and brought back this leather roll. I actually thought it was a pen roll at first.

I unrolled the pouch....

...and turned it over to reveal the familiar tangs of straight razors!

I carefully took the razors out, one by one, taking a look at each... 
...then opened them to inspect the blades.

There is some restoration work to be done, but I am so excited to get these, and to eventually shave with them! 

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