Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring is Coming

I got out for a short ride with my buddy, B. We went down aroundd Dillsburg, then into Michaux State Forest to roll through Caledonia. It was not more than a couple of weeks ago we were riding on fully cindered/salted roads with snow still on the ground.

The skies were blue, but it was cold, to be sure. Still, it was great to be out and riding.


What a difference a couple of weeks make! The weather has begun to warm (thought we are supposed to get more snow again toomorrow across Pennsylvania). I am not really sure what it is about this trip, but it always seems to rain when we get down there. This time was no different. It was not a heavy rain, but just enough to take the starch out of confident cornering, so we slowed down and played it safe.

We could actually see that reddish color that signals the first budding trees in the park.

Parting shot..

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