Thursday, October 08, 2009

Amazing Melons!

These are just amazing. LINK HERE.

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Behr Whitewash said...

Never thought I'd be telling you this, but.. NICE MELONS!

Now, the juvenile 14-year-old inside my head gets a good chuckle about that.. but what is the correct context for teaching my 11-yo and 9-yo boys about this? Surely they will encounter the '10,000 names for breasts' on the internet, but is that how they should learn?!

In my usual flair, I've decided to take it head on, providing direction as opportunity presents itself: Hooters? Yes. Tatas? Yessir. Melons? Absolutely.. Rack? Ditto.. Of course there's the Grail's 'huge tracts of land'..

The experience has actually been positive because it opens doors to teachable moments.. and laughter (my dad just said 'tatas').. not to mention the 'my-dad-said-it-and-he's-not-very-cool' aspect..

My apologies for stinking up your renaissance blog with my neanderthal thoughts..