Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last night I shot 8 over on 9 holes. I made a 30-foot downhill putt for par to win a hole. I stuck a 120 yard 9-iron inside of 10 feet. I hit a 200 yard 4-iron that came up 3 feet short of the green.

I LOVE this game.

Ask me again next week.


Behr Whitewash said...

The game is a lot like LSD. You got your fix yesterday. Next week you will be jones-ing for another one.

NVdK said...

I used to golf. I sucked. Now I ride. I suck less at that. I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now. :-)

fishmagic said...

I guess those scores are good, but they won't improve your swim, bike and run times.