Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fat Cyclist

Some of you may read Fat Cyclist, a blog started by an average guy looking to become a little more than average through the joys of cycling. His wife was diagnosed with multiple cancers, and at this point she is in the final stages of brain cancer, as he states in this post: Getting the Ending Right.

As the cancer eats away at her, more quickly now, Elden had A Chance to Talk with his wife when she became, remarkably, lucid. He siezed upon the moment to say all the things he wanted to say to his beloved wife, while she was the person he knew, loved, and adored. And then he offered this...
More important than the talk about our shift in focus — from fighting the cancer in her body to fighting the symptoms coming from the cancer in her brain — I got an opportunity I expect billions and billions of people have wished for: Having thought I had missed my last opportunity to tell Susan all the things I want to, I suddenly had a new opportunity drop into my lap.

A second chance.

And you can bet I did not pass it up.

Susan’s still herself today. She got up with me and helped get the kids ready for school, just like any ordinary day.

But ordinary now feels so amazingly extraordinary.

Now, I don’t consider this a “call to action” blog (though, honestly, could now be any further from its original purpose of being a cycling lifestyle / comedy / weight-loss blog?).

But I’m going to make an exception today. I’m going to tell you to put yourself in my shoes.

Think for a moment about the person you care most about. Now think about what you’d wish you could have said if that person were taken away from you. Now think about how glad you would be if you were given a second chance to say those things.

And then go say them.

I've nothing to add today, save that I love you...

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