Sunday, January 28, 2007


Kind of a little bit of everything, just to get caught up.

Men's Summit
I had the privelege of speaking at the Men's Summit for my church. It was an amazing gathering of men; there's something about how God works through the hearts of men, and I gained a great deal of strength and perspective from the experience.

Strength, because I was reminded of how a true Band of brothers works. I think we become stronger when we join together. I liken it to the Iroquois League. They banded together to become stronger, a novel concept at the time, and became one of the most powerful groups of Native Americans. They used the arrow as a symbol, as I recall, of their strength. A single arrow was easily broken, but a group of arrows, banded together, was unbreakable, even by the strongest of warriors.

I also gained a perspective, that I am part of something larger. My part is not big, or particularly important, but the role I play as a light of Christ's love is part of the larger play of many people's lives, and in many ways it is that which is important. My friend John has a quote that says, "There is no light at the end of the tunnel. You carry the light with you." All I can do is love people, but if I do it well, real change might actually occur in the world...or perhaps only in my small part of it...which is okay, too.

Daisy continues to get better, but only by the smallest of increments. She doesn't pee in the house when we are home, and she doesn't wake up 3 or 4 times per night, two blessings for which I am hugely grateful. That being said, she is still out if a lot of the time, still wandering aimlessly, and she still has trouble keeping it together when we are gone. hang in there, little pup...

Physical Therapy
I started physical therapy for my leg and back last week. It makes a big difference. It is tough to do some of the exercises, but others are easy. I will write more about this in this week, showcasing my incredible (LOL) range of motion and strength. HEY! It could happen!


Aoife said...

Are you crating Daisy while you're gone? It could probably help a lot, if you're not already.

FishrCutB8 said...

Even with crating she was peeing and pooping. Then she'd just sit in it. It's more her mental capacity and her inability to control herself. As a result of the meds, she is drinking a lot less (read as: normally), so I think that may help.

Now, we leave her penned in in the kitchen. She can roam a little, linoleum cleans up easy.

Redlefty said...

Good news about the summit and pooch!

I'm definitely curious to hear more about your PT and the protocol for addressing your unique issues after the accident.

Lieutenant Dan said...

Did you get a permit for those guns ? :)