Monday, May 15, 2006

If You Blinked, You Probably Missed....

...Justin Gatlin setting the new mark for the Fastest Human Being on the Planet. 9.76 was all it took to blaze through 100 meters. You can watch the video at the link above, too.

A couple of observations. First, he was a little slow getting out of the blocks. Now, I'm not criticizing a 9.76 100, I just wonder what would happen if he had "hops outta the blocks". Second, the video took longer to load than it took Gatlin to to run it...funny.

A follow up--someone needs to go back to math class for a refresher on rounding. Still, now he should have a renewed focus: 2/100ths of a second to be the World's Fastest Human.


Redlefty said...

Interesting that he really did seem sluggish (relative to a couple of the other guys) in the first 50M... it wasn't just a late start.

Wonder what the biomechanical differences are between "quick" start and top speed. I never really had either.

FishrCutB8 said...

I had a slow start out of blocks--could never get the mechaics quite right. I always wanted to pop up, and that's hard to fight--you should gliiiiide out. That being said, I had a pretty quick acceleration, good stamina...and more than a little heart, which made me a very good 400 runner.